Photographer in Japan Pictures of the YEar

Pictures of the Year

As I like to do around the holidays, I’ve put together a gallery of selected work from the year–images that, for one reason or another, I find particularly moving or important. This year, I covered the MERS outbreak and political and labor unrest in Korea. I photographed for new and longtime editorial and commercial clients on some really interesting assignments, including travel stories for The Wall Street Journal and The South China Morning Post, major energy projects in Ulsan and Geoje, and logistics and shipping operations in both Korea and Japan. I also shot my sister’s wedding (congrats Marie and Nassim!) and a Korean cookbook that will be published next year. In between, I traveled and explored my new home here in Japan. It was a lot of fun for me and Aya (who is a very tough editor) to go back through my work and select these images. We hope you’ll enjoy this visual journey as much as we did. Click the grid below to go to the slideshow.

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Panorama of Busan, South Korea from Ibagu-gil

Through the Lens: Busan

Last week I was in Busan shooting a story for The South China Morning Post. I lived most of the past 13 years in Busan. Now that I’ve moved to Nagoya, Japan, going back to shoot a travel story let me see the city through a traveler’s eyes, and it brought back memories from when I first landed in the country in 2002. This assignment reminded me of all Busan has to offer. The story, written by Mathew Scott, has some great tips on where to go and what to do if you’re visiting for the Busan International Film Festival next month. Busan, though, is a great place to visit any time of the year. Click on the first image for a photographic tour of some of my favorite places in Busan.

Check out another gallery of my images from Busan’s many traditional markets, featured on BBC News.