busan, dance tournament, korean dance, busan photographer

Dancing With Light

Aya and I were out for a walk on Sunday when we came across a dance tournament going on in our neighborhood. The contestants ranged from students and amateurs to professionals, and the light was challenging but beautiful, just like the dances we watched.

Dance Sports Competition in South Korea

I filed a selection of images through my agency, ZUMA Press, with one shot going to ZUMA’s Pictures of the Day, and another featured in the Wall Street Journal’s Photos of the Day. Not bad for a Sunday stroll with my lady and our cameras. Check out the whole gallery here.

busan, dance tournament, korean dance, busan photographer

KORAIL Workers Strike



Thousands of workers from the Korean national railroad corporation, KORAIL, have been on strike since Dec. 9, in protest of what the Korean Railway Workers’ Union claims are moves by the government to privatize the rail company. As protests have spread across the country, including to Seoul, Daegu, and Busan, the government of Park Geun-hye has sought the arrest of more than a hundred labor leaders. This picture was published in The Militant. Click here for photographs of the KORAIL protests in Seoul and Busan.

Here is a short article from the Hankyoreh newspaper explaining the strike and the controversy surrounding privatization.