“Listen to the Voice of the People”

South Korea is a country forged in fire and protest. Its democracy is vibrant and seemingly stable, but every few years the populace rises to remind the rulers that people power matters. The current president, Park Geun-hye, the daughter of South Korea’s former dictator Park Chung-hee, hasn’t taken well to this democratic rite of passage, and last month attempted to brutally put down protests against her conservative and anti-labor policies.

Last weekend, undeterred by Park’s police force, tens of thousands of Koreans turned out to continue their push back against her conservative agenda. Farmers, workers, students, religious leaders, and artists staged demonstrations throughout the city, before converging at Seoul City Hall for a massive demonstration rally and march through the city. They ended their march at the hospital where a farmer, Baek Nam-gi, injured by a police water cannon at similar protests last month, remained unconscious. Click on the gallery below to view images from the December 5 protest.

Ben Weller is a photographer based in Nagoya, Japan. All images by Ben Weller /www.wellerpix.com © 2015

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